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Lingofeeds is dedicated to providing niche-specific English learning materials for professional purposes. Each online course provides a solid guide to English grammar and usage with illustrative examples using key phrases and language within a specific industry. Each example is recorded by native speakers providing models for correct pronunciation. Finally, each course contains 300 key phrases for that industry. Users can navigate these key phrases to learn through context, while also quickly reviewing usage concepts and practicing pronunciation.


Kenneth Beare Lingofeeds was founded by Kenneth Beare, guide to ESL at About.com, part of the New York Times Company. Kenneth has written and developed numerous multi-media English and English for Professional Purposes courses for clients in Italy, England, Canada and the USA. Currently, Lingofeeds is participating in Portland Ten, a Y-Combinator-like incubator for high tech startups in Portland, Oregon.



Please contact Lingofeeds to indicate your interest in specific types of English - English for medicine, English for marketing, etc. so that we may quickly develop courses that fit your individual professional English learning needs.

Thank you for your interest in Lingofeeds!