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Adjectives are placed directly before nouns to describe certain qualities.

The closing balance for the new account closes next week.

The fact that you allowed a bounced check to clear doesn't make you a bad person.

Adjectives are also often used with the verb 'to be' to describe the character of people or things. In this case, place the adjective at the end of the sentence.

Is the market research accurate and reliable?

The verification turned out to be very taxing

Adjective Order

It is possible to use a string of adjectives to describe a person, place or thing. When using more than one adjective, use the following pattern to place the adjectives in order before the noun.

Opinion, dimension, age, shape, color, origin, material + noun

NOTE: Use no more than three adjectives to describe a noun.

1. Opinion


The fixed loan payment and amortization can be found on this chart.

The expense receipt was unbelievably high.

2. Dimension


The dollar value of his personal property was smaller than one might have expected.

My personal property has a large value attached to it.

3. Age


It is a modern kind of intangible asset.

In ancient times, before money, people had to barter if they wanted to trade goods.

4. Shape


He and the cosigner purchased the rectangular plot of land.

5. Color


The red numbers indicate unpaid debts in his account history.

The red column represents fixed costs.

6. Origin


The German gentleman also has a voting share.

China's voting share is too high for this product.

7. Material


We decreased paper waste by switching to a bill on demand policy.

The expensive treasury bond was very valuable.

Here are some examples of nouns modified with three adjectives in the correct order based on the list above.

The quick, easy, digital turnaround is only two days.

Most people trust an official certified check.

The fortunate 21 year old American payee didn't even have a cosigner.

Don't expect a fast turnaround if you renovate a large, old brick building and try to sell it.