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Future Continuous

Use the future continuous to discuss an activity that will be happening at a specific point in time in the future.

Positive Form:

Subject + will + be + verb + ing + (object(s))

They will be working on the accrued liability issue at tomorrow's meeting.

Negative Form:

Subject + will + not + be + verb + ing + (object(s))

The year-end inventory won't take place until January of next year.

Question Form:

(Question Word) + will + subject + be + gerund form of verb?


We will be negotiating the settlement price for some time.

NOTE: All subjects take 'will be'

In many cases, the future continuous form (will be doing) is substituted by the future with 'going to' or the present continuous. The future continuous stresses the action that will be occurring at a precise moment. However, these three future forms convey the same idea with little or no change in meaning.


I'll be meeting Jack tomorrow at 10. - I'm meeting Jack tomorrow at 10 OR I'm going to meet. Jack tomorrow at 10.

Time expressions for Future Continuous

Here are some of the most common time expressions used with the future continuous:

this time next month / year / week

at + time

in X time

The gross yield on a real estate investment may be going up in the next few quarters.

He will be thinking about the gross yield next month.