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Future with 'Going to'

Use the future with 'going to' to express future intentions or plans. Remember that these plans have been made before the present moment of speaking. In other words, use the future with 'going to' with events that have been planned, not with decisions you make at the moment of speaking.

Positive Form:

Subject + to be + going to + verb + (object(s))

I'm going to buy some adjustable rate preferred stock.

Negative Form:

Subject + to be + not + going to + verb+ (object(s))

With uncertain income, just using a budget isn't going to protect you from all eventualities.

Question Form:

(Question Word) + to be + subject + going to + verb?

Are you going to purchase a government bond?

Examples of Future Plans and Intentions


1. Use for future plans. Future plans are decisions that have been made before the moment of speaking.


The payee is going to have to issue a refund.

Are they going to be able to submit the blueprints by the deadline?

He isn't going to consider the company budget before buying new equipment.

2. Use to predict an action that you see is about to happen:


We are going to get a bank clearance on the check at any moment.

The late payments are going to affect the credit application being approved.

3. Use to express intentions for the future. This form is similar to future plans. However, future intentions are more general in nature.


Are you going to purchase a government bond?

We're going to use a correspondent bank for our international business.

I'm going to buy some adjustable rate preferred stock.