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Future with 'Will'

Future with 'Will' - Make future predictions or express a decision about the future made at the moment with 'will + verb'


We will sell all of our mutual funds for profit.

The balance of the account will be subject to collection within 15 days if payment is not received.

Positive Form:

Subject + will + verb + (object(s))

There will be a combined statement available next week.

Negative Form:

Subject + will + not (won't) + verb + (object(s))

They won't find a better interest rate.

Question Form:

Will you purchase a money order for me when you go to the bank?

How to Use the Future with 'Will'

1. The future with 'will' is used to make spontaneous decisions. These are decisions made at the moment of speaking.


Don't worry about our bank credit, John will sort it out tomorrow.

I'll sign the voucher since you've asked so nicely.

2. The future with 'will' is used to make predictions:


The safety deposit box will be issued as long as you provide the required documents.

The merger will result in a hostile takeover.

3. The future with 'will' is used with scheduled public events:


This stock option will not be available to clients after the end of July.

This will sell lower than the value at market price.

4. The future with 'will' is used to make promises:


You will be guaranteed the base rate!

The proxy vote will ensure that the CEO won't be at his post this time next week.