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The imperative form is used to give instructions in both spoken and written English. At times, the imperative form is considered impolite when speaking English. When providing instructions, use the imperative. However, when requesting that someone do something use a polite question form.

Positive Form:

Verb + objects

Reduce operating loss by examining key metrics.

Negative Form:

Do + Not + Verb + objects

Don't enter a fixed term sale blind.

Giving Directions

Common phrases used to give directions:

Take the first left / right
bus to...
train to...
subway to...
tube to...

Turn left / right at...

Go straight ahead
along...Street / Road / Avenue.

It's next to...
near to...
on the left / right of...

Accept our gesture of appreciation by taking the enclosed gift card and spending it.

Go to the second office on the left and ask for the appreciation table.

Go to human resources which is located on the third floor

Examples of Giving Instructions

Go through the instructions for deregulation.

Do not use the spreadsheet from last month.

Take a few days off to think about my idea and let me know when you have come to a decision.

Do not make a take-over bid.