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Indirect Questions

Indirect questions are used as a more polite, formal form of questioning. The information requested remains the same as in direct questions. Introduce the question with an introductory phrase such as "I was wondering" followed by the question itself as a statement. Use a question word to connect the two phrases. In the case of a 'yes / no' question, use 'if' to connect the two phrases.

Introductory phrase + question word (or if) + positive sentence


Can you show me how to get to the station?

I'm not sure what a floating-rate loan is.

Here are some of the most common indirect questions introductory phrases:

Do you know...
I wonder / was wondering ...
Can you tell me...
I'm not sure...
I don't know...


Do you know how to write a periodical report?

I'm not sure what a bonus share is.

I'm not sure what a floating-rate loan is.