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Deferred payments


Money payments to be delayed for a future date or extended period of time.

Example Sentences

If he gets in touch with the accounting department this morning, he will ask for a deferred payments arrangement on his account.

I have more money to spend at the mall because of the deferred payments on my loan.

The department did not have the staff arrange the deferred payments quickly.

Will those deferred payments come from overseas?

On behalf of myself and my colleague, Mr. Smith, I would like to welcome you to this meeting about your eligibility for deferred payments.

Even though I deferred payments, the interest still continued to pile up.

The deferred payments were able to be paid in time last month.

Green Bay Bank will be offering deferred payments on mortgages for the month of December.

The deferred payments application was approved even though the loan officer was warned about his poor credit score.

You will be able to confirm the deferred payments.