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Interest rate


The percentage of a sum of money charged for its use. Interest rates are generally quoted per year.

Example Sentences

Can you tell me what my interest rate will be on this construction loan?

There is some information I would like to know about the interest rate before I can agree to the loan.

They won't find a better interest rate.

The interest rate on his cash advance was 16.99.

The savings bank had such bad interest rates that they switched financial institutions.

The interest rate on a business loan at the merchant bank is 8.5%.

The bank posts any interest rate changes in the afternoon.

Our interest rate rose another percent.

The client won't make use of deferred revenue unless it earns a maximum interest rate upon investment.

The inflation caused by loose monetary policy was worse than the high interest rates that preceded it.

I'm positive that the interest rate on that loan is negotiable.

The interest rate at our bank is low.

The interest rate will increase for 620 customers this year.