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Past to Present


Abilities - Responsibilities

Asking Questions

Choosing the Right Phrase

Combining Verbs

Explaining Ideas

Describing Your World

Complex Ideas

Relating Ideas, People, Objects

Speaking about Objects

Wondering about Situations

At the Office

Prepositions of Place, Similarity and Function

Use 'in' with countries, cities, towns and regions.


In Michigan, a debtor's privacy rights are revocable in the case of delinquency.

My client has assets and liabilities in two countries.

Use 'at' for place in a city, town or village.


We will meet you at the Citigroup building.

She checks her bank balance at the Bank.

Like and As

Use 'like' as a preposition to express that two are objects are similar in some characteristic.


Having majority interest in the company is like running your own baseball team.

These are outstanding credits like the ones I sent out last week.

Use 'as' to express the function that a person takes in an organization.


Sam works as a portfolio manager.

As an employee of the firm you are expected to perform due diligence.