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Question Tags

Most questions in English use this structure:

(Question Word) + Auxiliary + Subject + Verb Form + (objects) + ?


How often do you check your credit score?

Is the tech support department going to replace the defective pin pad today?

Question Tags

Question tags are used to confirm information that the speaker knows, or believes to know. This conversational form is used to check that the speaker has understood something.

Form questions tags by making a statement followed by a comma and the OPPOSITE (positive -negative, negative - positive) form of the matching auxiliary verb in the same tense.


You won't need overdraft protection, will you?

The bank doesn't do invoicing for their fees, do they?

This escrow check doesn't go into escrow today, does it?

This list shows question tags for a number of tenses.

Present Simple:

Jim's office doesn't handle escrow payments, do they?

Present Continuous:

Jennifer is taking the day off to protest a bill, isn't she?

Past Simple:

The chairman didn't read the minutes of a meeting, did he?

Present Perfect:

That stock has been going up, hasn't it?

Future with 'Will':

People will now think twice before taking out a floating-rate loan, won't they?

Request with 'Would':

He wouldn't purchase that government bond, would he?

Special Notes:

Use question tags in order to do the following:

- To confirm information
- To continue a conversation

Sometimes, question tags are used sarcastically or in a joking manner. This type of usage depends on the context and the speaker's tone of voice.

Exception: When using the verb 'to be' as the auxiliary verb in a question tag with the subject I (rhetorical) use the form "am I?".


I'm not going to be late, am I?
I'm not involved in that sale, am I?