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Use of Some and Any


'Some' is used with count and noncount nouns in positive


There is some change in store for this investment.

There is some range of fluctuation in any investment you make in marketable securities.

There are some issues with requiring a minimum payment.

There are some credit cards that require a minimum payment of 4% per month.


Use 'any' with both count and noncount nouns in negative


There isn't any money left on that gift card.

There aren't any problems with this closing balance.

Use 'any' with both count and noncount nouns in questions.


Is there any way to make the balance of payments form more simple?

Are there any reliable market research firms that we can use?

Compound Words with 'Any' and 'Some'

Many compound nouns are constructed with 'any' and 'some'

somebody -- anybody
someone -- anyone
something -- anything
somewhere -- anywhere

Use the same rules as 'any' and 'some' with these compound nouns. Use compound nouns with 'any-' in negative sentences and questions. Use compounds nouns with 'some-' in positive sentences.


The futures market today isn't anything like it used to be.

There isn't anything he can do about the book value.

The issuing bank will require that you sign the application somewhere.

The due diligence committee wants to meet somewhere on the third floor.

NOTE: 'somebody - someone' and 'anybody - anyone' are synonymous and can be used interchangeably.