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Subject and Object Questions

Look at the following example sentence and questions.

Mr. Evans founded Jackson Engineering in 1992.

What did Mr. Sullivan found in 1992? - ANSWER Jackson Engineering
Who founded Jackson Engineering? - ANSWER Mr. Evans

Most questions ask about the object of the sentence. In this case, use standard question forms which take this constructions:

(wh?) + did (auxiliary) + subject + verb?

What did Mr. Evans found?

Some questions ask about the subject of the sentence. In this case, the subject question is formed with positive sentence structure ending with a question mark (?). 'Who' or 'Which' generally takes the place of the subject in this type of question.

Wh- + (auxiliary) + verb + object ?

Who founded Jackson Engineering?

Common Question Forms for Subject Questions:


Which of the year-end inventory will sell the fastest?

What kind of

What kind of return on investment will he get?


Who usually updates the spreadsheet?