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What's The Best

Superlative Form

The superlative form is used when speaking about more than two objects to express which is either the most or the least of some characteristic.


The kindest man told me that it was payable in advance.

The interest earned was the largest amount I have seen so far for this client.

This is the best way to safely send a money order.

One Syllable Adjectives

Place 'the' before the adjective. Add '-est' to the end of the adjective. If the word ends in a consonant proceeded by a consonant vowel combination, double the consonant. For example: hot -> the hottest


That's the strangest figure I've ever seen come out of a balance sheet consolidation.

What is the highest point on the tax base?

Two + Syllable Adjectives

Place 'the most' before the adjective. To express the opposite, place 'the least' before the adjective.


This is the most appropriate time to endorse.

That is the most revocable idea I've heard recently.

Adjectives Ending in '-y'

Place 'the' before the adjective. Remove the 'y' from the adjective and add '-iest'. To express the opposite sentiment, place 'the least' before the adjective. Notice that the change only occurs in a positive sense.


John is the happiest person I know.
That's the funniest thing I have ever heard.

Important Exceptions

good - the best
bad - the worst
fun - the most fun
far - the farthest / the furthest


Availing for the overdraft on your own fixed deposits is the best way to get a quick cash advance.

This is the best way to safely send a money order.