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Making Excuses

If there is a problem, it is often important to provide an excuse for something not going as planned. These phrases are used to make excuses for a problem.

I'm sorry but...
I'm very sorry about that...
You'll have to forgive me but..
The reason for that is...


The reason for that is because your account is in the red.

I'm sorry but we can't approve a loan if your overall business cash flow is not in the black.

I'm sorry, but iI am only interested in a fixed term sale.

I am sorry but globalization has its bad effects.


Showing agreement with others during meetings and other negotiations is common. Here are some useful phrases used when agreeing with someone.

I see your point about ...
That's a great idea.
I see what you mean about ...
I completely agree with you about ...

That's a great idea about starting the project on receipt of the order.

I completely agree with you about the issue regarding interest accrual on your loan.

I see your point about the majority issue vote at the company meeting.

I completely agree with you about the date on receipt of the order?


At times it is necessary to disagree with others during meetings and other negotiations. Here are some useful phrases used when disagreeing with someone.

I'm afraid I don't agree with you.
I don't see how ...
Yes, but...
I doubt...
What I'm worried about is...
Possibly, but...
Are you sure that...
I'm not sure that...

Most of these phrases introduce the reason for disagreeing.


I don""t see how the bank can credit an amount to my account in time to cover this check.

I doubt our common stock will benefit from the sales plan.

I doubt very much the Bank will credit an amount that early.

I doubt that we will be able to rely on the appreciation value.