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Past to Present


Abilities - Responsibilities

Asking Questions

Choosing the Right Phrase

Combining Verbs

Explaining Ideas

Describing Your World

Complex Ideas

Relating Ideas, People, Objects

Speaking about Objects

Wondering about Situations


Useful Phrases for Presentations

Beginning the Presentation

I'd like to begin with a look at...
As you can see,...
The graph clearly shows...
I'd like to draw your attention to...
You'll notice...


I'd like to begin with an unusual example of a fixed term sale.

As you can see, the fixed costs of this project are acceptable.

Giving Presentations

Here are some useful formulas used when giving presentations:

Introducing Yourself

On behalf of myself and XYZ, I'd like to welcome you.
My name's XXX. It's good to see you all here this morning.


On behalf of the other partners and myself, I'd like to welcome you to our financial leasing meeting.

Introducing the Topic

This morning, I'd like to outline ....
I'm going to tell you about ....
I'll give you the background ....
I'll talk you through the....
I've divided my presentation into...
Let me quickly outline...


Before we begin, I'll quickly define deferred revenue.

Let me quickly outline the positive aspects of a merchant bank.

Inviting Questions

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to interrupt me.
If you're not clear about anything, make sure to ask any questions you want.