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Abilities - Responsibilities

Asking Questions

Choosing the Right Phrase

Combining Verbs

Explaining Ideas

Describing Your World

Complex Ideas

Relating Ideas, People, Objects

Speaking about Objects

Wondering about Situations

Starting Conversations

Useful Phrases

Here are some useful phrases used when introducing yourself or being introduced:


May I introduce myself?
Hello, my name is....
Tom, I'd like you to meet...


Pleased to meet you.
How do you do.
Nice to meet you.

Starting Conversations

Here are some useful phrases used when starting conversations:

Can you tell me...
Have you heard about...
Excuse me, do you happen to know...


Can you tell me how to capitalize on the current state of the stock market?

Have you heard about new opportunities to capitalize investments?

Can you tell me who's running due diligence on this merger?

Phrases for Asking for Information

It is important during meetings and other negotiations to ask for as much information as possible. These phrases are used to request information.

Can you give me an estimate on
I'm a little concerned about
How long, wide, far, etc.
How does that affect
Can you tell me more?
Do you think ...


Can you give me an estimate on the net profit you can make in this business transaction?

I'm a little concerned about the future of private banking in the current economic climate.

What do you make of the new corporate tax structure?

Can you recommend a discount rate?