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Verbs That Change in Meaning

Some verbs can take either the gerund of the infinitive. In many cases, there is little or no change in meaning. However, a number of these verbs have significant changes in meaning when they are followed by the gerund or infinitive form of the verb. Here are some of the most common:


Stop + Gerund => to finish doing an activity completely


The bank stopped making exceptions to mortgage underwriting guidelines while the financial world hopes for a turnaround.

Stop + Infinitive => to pause an action, usually some form of movement, in order to do something else


Ingrid stopped to check the affiliated company status before she went to the next meeting.


Forget + Gerund => to not remember doing a specific action


She forgets confirming the check routing symbol on the account.

Forget + Infinitive => to not remember to do something important


Our accountant seems to often forget to include the net yield column when balancing our books.


Remember + Gerund => to have the memory of doing an action


She remembers applying for the second mortgage last week.

Remember + Infinitive => to do an action you should do


He remembered to buy many shares when there was a bear market.