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English for Information Technology

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Lingofeeds provides a unique guide to professional English. Instead of providing general examples of grammar and usage, Lingofeeds materials employ key phrases taken from specific industries. In this way, you will improve your English using the English you need to improve your career.

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How to Use Lingofeeds

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- 300 key information technology phrases are used to provide examples for every learning point. Lingofeeds provides over 1,500 examples!

- Every example is accompanied by a recording to help you with pronunciation skills.

Lingofeeds Example

Here is an example of the materials you will find on Lingofeeds.

Must vs. Have To

'Have to' expresses everyday responsibilities at work, or for family and friends. 'Must' is only used for strong personal obligations.

Example 'Have to' for Responsibilities:

Mary has to find a hired gun for every outsourced design project.

The company has to set up a sandbox and increase security.

Example 'Must' for Strong Obligations:

I must have my brain hard wired to the master controller.

I must right click on the icon in order to save.